How do income money that until a year abroad was parked and now regularized? Striking many readers this year who wrestle with that problem and the action during our telephone question posed to their tax-for-one day. Readers and tax consultants also discovered together a (temporary?) error in Tax-on-web.

The fifth joint phone action of Kluwer and. Standard around the tax declaration was also a record Edition. The thirteen tax experts answer questions on two and a half hours of 305 readers. Never before were so many.

Saturday morning, clock rate halftien: thirteen phones start ringing at Kluwer in Mechelen. After two minutes is also the waiting line already beautiful vol. 30 readers. By default, try the tax consultants of Kluwer, Deloitte, Fortis Bank, Consulta ... to achieve. Thirteen are at that moment already talking to their private tax specialist-of-one morning.

The average duration of a call during the first half hour is about six minutes and thirty seconds. More than double than during ' normal ' phone actions, know Josse Van Den Brande. ' This I have never seen. " And as responsible of Kluwer's ' internal call center he can know. He leads the action technically in good jobs.

The tax consultants to be aangepord their conversation after about ten minutes to complete, which is not at all readers so easy to succeed. Yet the average talk time dropped to five and a half minute and decreases the average waiting time for the readers of more than a quarter to slightly more than ten minutes. Kluwer now considering next year two additional tax consultants in order that waiting time even further and even more readers to be able to help.

Eventually have 305 readers an interview with ' their ' tax adviser. On average, so just not twenty per specialist or ten per hour. On the pre-programmed minute rest between two calls in the phone after, no second silent.

Some tax consultants were initially quite skeptical. An entire Saturday mornings ' sacrifice ' to questions of ' seemed ' to answer, it seemed for most don't really have the definition of a successful start to the week end. Only one action was sufficient to make them excited.

Some trust, Hilde Troosters, call us now for months in advance to be sure that she'll be allowed to participate. Hilde is publisher at Kluwer and today the hostess of the tax consultants. ' Madam Arabel, ' she grins while everyone on this still reasonable former hour of a steaming cup of coffee and coffee cakes. ' There are people here that of Oudenaarde. Even one of Ypres, which is this morning at half past eight left, and that on a Saturday. Yes, they have it for free to be there. '

Black money

It is striking how many readers apparently money from abroad have recalled and regularized at the tax authorities. They are asking themselves now how they can best proceeds. ' Because they have clearly never done, "grins Walter Meurs of Deloitte.

' Many have this really well prepared, "says Maurice De Mey of BNP Paribas Fortis. ' They work a list of questions. And sometimes those not really evident ', Ann Rasschaert of Kluwer. "I promised a few people that I and other lookup for them and them this week callback with the answer. ' Also as at independent tax consultant Mireille Ghekiere who got a complex question about deducting superisolerende glazing, but which was placed in two steps: first the ramen, then adjust the glass.

"A retired reader," says Jef Wellens of Kluwer, ' made me aware that on his retirement no withholding tax is withheld, simply because it is so low. So he fills truthfully "zero" in on the question of how much tax has been withheld. But that accepts Tax-on-web not. I got it during our conversation itself just tried, and indeed, I can't. So I recommend the reader but euro 0.01 to fill in, then succeeds. Lying so to the taxman. " Interesting for everyone, because none of the participants in the action proved the ' bug ' too are encountered. Monday morning showed the error already eliminated from the system. Possible so it went to a temporary bug.

Also striking how thoroughly some readers the attachment in the newspaper of Thursday have been thrashed out. ' But it is somewhat problematic, "says Koen Janssens of Kluwer, ' if they than the logic of a certain tip to save taxes by going to attract very different tax domains and be surprised if that cannot simply. '


That the panel has a strong reputation, it is clear from the fact that at least three questions –. ' probably more '. – come from accounting firms that the trees for the forest tax not always more. One reader called, showed that in retrospect, to three panel members, each with the same question. All three appear to have the same solution. ' That's what taxman unlike the self ", sounded relieved, ' because there I got a different answer three times. '

Other striking finding: quite a few readers wanted to know what risk they run by something not to give, or otherwise, than it should. ' Can I not of the "silly"? What risk I walk? ' Werner Niemegeers of Consulta and Liesbeth Goossens of BNP Paribas are still visible in cheek if they tell you. There were also very disarming questions. A mother, who calls for her son, a student taxation. ' Monday he has exam, Mrs. There are a few things in the course that he doesn't really understand. May I just ...? ' Ann Rasschaert helped her further. "I am almost sure that I am that Mrs last year also had to the line. When her son was still a year earlier, I believe to remember. My replies are perhaps him come in handy. "

And then there was also a subscriber of the standard that is already years the main breaks on a possible tax deduction of his newspapers subscription. ' The tax authorities would not accept it but because I have no professional use can prove ... ' Nele Vancaeneghem of Deloitte got him convinced that will continue its efforts in vain.

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